3 Slices

3 Slices

3 Slices


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Are you ready for a mouthwatering adventure? Brace yourself for 3 Slices, an addictive physics game that will leave you craving for more! Control a slice of pizza as it bounces around a series of platforms, collecting coins along the way. But be careful, don’t let the pizza hit the ground!

How to Play 3 Slices

The game controls couldn’t be simpler. Use the arrow keys to move the pizza left and right. Press the spacebar to jump, and if you need a quick break, hit the “P” key to pause the game.

To begin, jump onto the first platform and start maneuvering your pizza slice to collect as many coins as possible. Each coin you collect will earn you valuable points that can be used to unlock exciting power-ups.

Unlocking Power-ups

In 3 Slices, unlocking power-ups is the key to success. Here are some of the power-ups you can discover:

  • Double Jump: This power-up allows you to jump twice in a row, giving you extra height and maneuverability.
  • Magnet: With this power-up, coins are irresistibly attracted to your pizza slice, making it easier to rack up those points.
  • Shield: The shield power-up protects your pizza slice from damage, ensuring that you can keep collecting coins without worry.

Tips for Mastering 3 Slices

While 3 Slices may start off as a walk in the park, it gradually becomes more challenging as you progress. But fear not! With these tips, you’ll be slicing through levels like a pro:

  • Utilize the Walls: Bounce off the walls to reach higher platforms or cleverly evade tricky obstacles.
  • Avoid the Spikes: Watch out for spikes! Touching them will cost you a precious life, so be nimble and avoid them at all costs.
  • Make the Most of Power-ups: Don’t underestimate the power of power-ups! They can help you collect coins and navigate through obstacles with ease.
  • Persistence is Key: Don’t give up, even when the going gets tough. With practice and determination, you’ll conquer even the most challenging levels.

More About 3 Slices

  • Developer: 3 Slices was created by the talented developer “Pixelsaurus”.
  • Release: The game was released in April 2022, bringing joy to pizza lovers everywhere.
  • Availability: You can enjoy 3 Slices for free on various websites, including Unblocked Games WTF.
  • Positive Reception: 3 Slices has received rave reviews from both critics and players, captivating audiences of all skill levels.

Indulge in the delectable world of 3 Slices and experience the thrill of collecting coins, unlocking power-ups, and conquering challenging levels. Visit Tower Defense now to savor the excitement and embark on your pizza-filled adventure!